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We are dedicated to portraying the peace our protest intends, the optimism autumn embodies, and the spirit of people who live it. Technology is our advantage: It's a beautiful thing.

November 5th: Occupy Tumblr

On this November 5th, Tumblr will become an inescapable venue for Occupy Wall Street content and education.

Many of Tumblr’s users are young people: middle school, high school, college, graduate aged individuals. It’s important they are educated in facts before they are brainwashed by politics and misinformation.

Tumblr users, it is your responsibility to educate other Tumblr users.

The Goal: Everyone with a Tumblr blog must see, read, be affected by Occupy Wall Street content. This will not make your blog ‘unattractive’, it will make it wiser.

Reblog this message. Spread the word. Hurry.

Tumblr users, it is your responsibility to educate other Tumblr users.

Revering intelligence and the bearers of that fact, has become one of the most important responsibilities of our generation. We must know them and embed them into the mainstream conversation. Attention belongs to those that have earned it and positively change the world for many - not buy it, and change the world for few.

No more nonsense. No more distractions.

Reblog this post with the Name of a person who’s quality is helping change the world for the greater good, and Link the name to a bio or contribution they’ve made.

Make intelligence viral.